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    Press — Detox

    Detox and Wind Down: Here's How in Hong Kong

    Detox and Wind Down: Here's How in Hong Kong

    Whatever your views on detoxing, sometimes it feels good to clean out our systems so we can have fun all over again. Here’s how.

    Fortified Leggings 
    If you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, sitting long hours at work each day, Hong Kong brand Zarie may just have the answer for your water-retaining leg woes. The brand’s leggings use a super-smooth Italian fabric infused with caffeine, vitamin E, retinol, fatty acids and aloe vera, which aim to help improve circulation and even make your legs look longer and your skin feel smoother. We got a thumbs up from HK Mag’s Sophia Lam, who recently tried a pair of long leggings.

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