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    There are so many pretty, performance leggings out there. Why choose Zarie? Each piece is designed with your whole day in mind, combining street style athleisure elements with comfort and functionality. Not only do we use high performance fabric made in Italy, cosmetic ingredients are infused into the fabric that gives the pants these qualities:

    • Slims the figure
    • Improves skin texture
    • Fights bloating and water retention

    cosmetics, aesthetics, performance

    Check out our video to see how the pants work:




    We often hear about the antioxidant and other health qualities of caffeine. Zarie Dream Pants is infused with caffeine that helps to boost metabolism and also improvement of skin texture. Other anti-aging and effective skin care agents such as retinol, fatty acids, vitamin E and aloe vera are also infused into the pants. It's like wearing a skin-boosting mask all day!

    Worried about comfort? Zarie pants are made of 30% Xtra Life Lycra with 4-way stretch for maximum flexibility. The fabric is also feather light and buttery smooth.

    Cosmetic functions of fabric

    The Results

    The fabric has been clinically tested and certified by Bio Basic Europe. A 56 days test was carried out on 20 women between the ages 18 and 60 who wore the fabric for 8 hours a day, and these are the results:

    Results of Zarie leggings


    Results of Zarie leggings chart