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    Curious about our DREAM pants? We crafted a series of FAQs based on customer feedback to give you a thorough behind-the-pants details. Too lazy to read? Watch our video instead!

    What are Zarie Dream pants?

    If you sit for long hours each day, don't get enough time to exercise each week, find it challenging to keep a balanced diet, you might suffer from excess fluid retention in your lower body or even signs of unsightly cellulite.

    What causes cellulite

    How does Zarie relate to all this? Zarie Dream pants are just like everyday fashion or activewear leggings, with one extra function: slimming. Benefits include reducing the appearance of cellulite, increasing blood circulation and minimizing fat in the lower body.

    The fabric is made of a nylon micro-fibre with encapsulated cosmetic ingredients that is released during garment use. Unlike other sculpting or shaping undergarments, Zarie pants are actually fun to wear and strategically designed to elongate your silhouette.

    The pants come in 3 lengths so you can wear it all year round, even in the hottest weather, and paired with any outfit.

    How does the fabric technology work?

    An exclusive micro-encapsulation technology embeds cosmetic micro-capsules called Nurel into the garment, giving the skin cosmetic benefits. The micro-encapsulated fibre incorporates these key ingredients to help tone and slim the lower body: caffeine, retinol and vitamin E, fatty acids and aloe vera.

    Micro-capsules are infused into the yarn during the spinning process, thereby integrating the cosmetic ingredients both inside and outside the nylon filaments. Each filament contains thousands of NOVAREL micro-capsules and the cosmetic ingredients are released during garment use.

    The main Nurel technology advantage is its persistence and durability over a frequent number of uses.

    Cosmetic ingredients in pants

    What are the active ingredients in the fabric?


    Caffeine helps draw fluid from the fat cells in the skin, which has a tightening effect that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine also works by increasing circulation and constricting blood vessels to reduce swelling.


    Essentially vitamin A, retinol has been widely used by the cosmetic industry as an anti-aging ingredient. The small molecular components of retinol can penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the dermis where collagen and elastin reside.


    Commonly known as “the good fat”, fatty acids help form cell walls that help the dermis become flexible and supple, and also improves blood circulation. Fatty acids attract water to dehydrated cells to prevent further water loss, increasing the skin’s fullness and reducing the appearance of cellulite.


    Aloe vera has the ability to penetrate the skin and help enzymes get rid of dead skin cells increasing the formation of elastin and collagen. Rejuvenated skin cells helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Aloe vera can also reduce inflammation and improve hydration of cellulite-affected skin cells.


    As an antioxidant, vitamin E helps protect veins and arteries by assisting the body in delivering increased oxygen to the skin’s living layers. This process helps the body flush out the toxins and fat deposits that are responsible for cellulite.

    What are other advantages of the fabric?

    Italian-made and infused with the latest innovative anti-cellulite function, the fabric is light, breathable and much less restricting when compared to other shaping fabrics.

    Fabric features and Lycra

    How effective are anti-cellulite pants?

    Studies on 300 women have shown the following results:

    After 56 days of use, users report a 17% increase in skin ELASTICITY


    Improvement in skin COMPACTNESS 76% USERS
    Reduction of ORANGE PEEL appearance 70% USERS
    Visible improvements in the skin’s SMOOTHNESS 78% USERS


    How long does it take to work?

    We recommend users wear the garment for at least 8 hours each day for 8 weeks to see visible results.

    How long does the garment last?

    The micro-capsules can sustain at least 100 hand washes and 50 machine washes (cold). We suggest hand washing the garment to retain maximum effectiveness.

    Who should wear the pants?

    The pants are most effective for women who already lead a relatively healthy lifestyle but would like to get the extra benefit of smoother skin on your lower body.

    For those who don't have time to exercise daily or regularly incorporate enough greens into their diet, Zarie pants are an extra benefit to your daily routine. We also recommend Zarie pants to those who are looking for that extra help to smooth out your skin after giving birth (NOT recommended during breastfeeding period).

    When should you wear the pants?

    Because the fabric requires 8 consecutive hours a day of wear for 8 weeks to attain maximum effectiveness, we designed the pants in a variety of lengths and cutting to fit every woman’s regime. Zarie fabric is extremely light, breathable and allows freedom of movement to accommodate all activities and climates.

    Wear it as pjs

    We all need our 8-hour beauty snooze each night, and for those fortunate few who need less, you can start wearing the pants a few hours before bedtime.

    Wear it as fashion

    Our fashion forward Zarie users have paired the pants from casual to formal wear, from gorgeous off-shoulder tops to boyfriend shirts and statement blazers.

    Wear it as athleisure

    Those who enjoy wearing their athletic gear all day long will reap the extra benefit of Zarie’s skin-smoothing function.

    Have more questions? We would love to hear from you! Email us at info@zarie.co