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    Stephanie has been a lingerie and swimwear designer for over 5 years.  She is passionate about designing comfortable garments that flatter a woman’s shape. Whilst developing a line of eco-swimwear, Stephanie stumbled across Nurel, a fabric technology with slimming and cosmetic effects. She recognised the high quality of the buttery smooth fabric and knew instantly that she had found something unique.

    As Stephanie sat for long hours in the office, she worried about the quickly declining contours of her body and could make out the first signs of cellulite.  It was then that she decided to put her swimwear line on hold and design a pair of slimming leggings that would both ease her own mind and help other women in the process.

    She focused her time and energy on testing, prototyping and soliciting feedback on her designs. This resulted in the creation of Zarie’s DREAM Pants-- the first leggings to marry aesthetics with workmanship and functionality-- meeting the varying lifestyles of each and every woman while working to solve some of their biggest concerns.

    Stephanie’s dream is to introduce women across the globe to this innovative collection of athleisure wear.  She envisions the Zarie brand eventually offering a suite of comfortable and beautiful clothing that will take women you from bedroom to boardroom, all for an affordable price.